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Creative problem solving

Analog provides a solid design environment for your content, with a modular layout that takes advantage of the flexible building approach of Elementor page builder.


Easily re-order, customize and tweak every section you see according to your requirements.​

Sharp Design

Hive has been designed with the finest pixels in town, delivering a design system that scales.​


Handcrafted and well-thought out, Hive will power up your building workflow for your projects.​

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Science matters

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A layout that flows

We provide lean advise and consulting for small and medium businesses that take their first online steps. Come join us and see how we can help your business grow.

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Contact Us

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Contact us

  • 0030 123 4556
  • hello@themeisle.com
  • hello_themeisle

Why us

  • Efficient and fast paced
  • Super logical
  • Flexible pricing options
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The coolest cafe in the city is

Mocha cafe

A classic meeting point for coffee lovers and remote workers, in the center of the city!

Superb Coffee

Grain has been inspired and brought to life by original coffee lovers who value the quality of the coffee beans.

Fine Snacks

Awesome, tasty snacks are available all day and night. Vegan and Paleo friendly, only organic and fresh.

Cocktails & Drinks

Relax with a tasty cocktail from our collection, and enjoy the good vides and atmosphere all around you.

the best coffee grains

Fine organic snacks

All our ingredients are organically grown, and all meat is by grassfed animals. You may actually use these tabs for any content.

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Unfortunately we do not do delivery for the time being.

Sandwiches & Snacks

Tuna Sandwich


Chicken Sandwich


Club Sandwich


Fish and Chips


English Breakfast


Cocktails & Drinks

Bloody Mary


Networking on the beach




Dry Martini


Burnt Martini


You are going to love it here!

Membership options

Become a member for special deals, with a monthly membership.

Original Coffee

At Grain you will only find the finest blends for coffee lovers.

Molecular Cocktails

Science-powered cocktails, that will brighten up your spirit.

Thank you!

Le Studio Toni R

La presentation

Rien de mieux que de commencer par notre studio que vous apprécierez sans aucun doutes.

Au niveau du style, il mélange ancien et moderne. Un vrai studio professionnel de 100m2 composé d’un labo photo, d’un accueil, du studio et d’un coin préparation tout est prévue pour que vous passez un moment exceptionnel.

On pourrait d’ailleurs le caractérisé de type industriel avec son béton ciré, sa pierre ancienne et ses murs blanc.

De plus il bénéficie de plusieurs décors atypiques que je vous laisserais le plaisir d’appréciez le jour de votre visite afin de garder encore un peu de mystère.

Au plaisir de vous y voir nombreux et bien sûr n’oublier pas de réserver au préalable.